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Improving the quality of family life
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Snowflake School

Secondary Site

Teaching Principles

We pair teaching environments with reinforcement and use competing reinforcers.

We mix and vary instructional demands.

We reduce learners’ errors by using teaching methods that ensure high levels of correct responding.

We intersperse easy and difficult tasks.

We fade in the number of demands.

We fade in effort/difficulty of tasks.

We use extinction for problem behaviour when needed.

We pace instruction properly, at a fast pace.


School has over 15 full time tutors and teachers who work one to one with the children and provide group sessions (as appropriate). All of our staff have training in ABA (VB) methods. In addition to this staff may also have additional and suitable qualifications (NNEB, CACHE, and NVQ) and many have other relevant skills (BSL, First Aid and Psychology qualifications).

We also have a speech therapist and occupational therapist that work at Snowflake School, and are available to offer their expertise.

The school has monthly visits by our external consultant, Carole Roxburgh BCABA (associate of Dr Vincent Carbone) who provides specific advice and training to the staff working on the ABA programmes.

All pupils have 1:1 teaching throughout and also access group sessions (as appropriate).

All teaching staff are experienced teachers of children with ASD using the Verbal Behaviour implementation of ABA.

Our staffing allocation always includes at least one qualified teacher