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Improving the quality of family life
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Snowflake School

Secondary Site


Our school is registered to admit children from Reception Year (5 years) to Year 11 (16 years).

We are planning to expand our secondary education in the next few years.

The majority of our children are funded by their Local Authorities and are therefore likely to have a statement of special educational needs and a diagnosis of ASD.

Our children have a wide range of needs, most are to verbally communicate, some are signers and some have additional disabilities i.e. epilepsy.

All of our children are treated with dignity and respect by all members of staff at all times.

They and their parents can expect that their education plans will comprise age-appropriate and socially functional skills.

Admission Arrangements

In the first instance, please let us know of your interest in Snowflake by phone, email or letter.

Once you have informed us of your interest we will arrange to talk to you about our work and will organise a visit.

Following your visit if you wish to pursue a placement for your child then you should inform both the school and the local authority of your intention.

Once an application for placement has been confirmed by the Local Authority the Headteacher will arrange for an assessment of the child’s needs which will normally be led by an ABA/VB Supervisor. This may take place in either or both the student’s current school, in their home and/or at Snowflake School. Following this assessment (usually 2 to 3 hours), we will decide if we are able to meet your child’s needs and offer your child a place at Snowflake.

Admission Policy

Transitions Policy

Pupils' Application