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Improving the quality of family life
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Snowflake School

Improving the quality of family life

Welcome to Snowflake School website

Snowflake’s Principal Aim: “To improve the lives of the children and families that we are associated with.”

As Head Teacher I bring thirty-five years of experience and expertise in teaching children with specific learning difficulties. I understand the challenges that Parents face as they seek to help their child to develop their life skills. I know how difficult it is for Parents to find that special school where they feel confident that their child will be treated as a unique human being, an individual who is “able to achieve.”

Just as no two snowflakes are ever the same, we view our pupils as individuals with their own personalities, likes and dislikes, strengths and challenges. Snowflake provides a positive and secure learning environment, where we aspire to nurture the young people to flourish and grow to their fullest potential.

Intervention at Snowflake school is guided by the science of applied behavior analysis (ABA ) including Skinners Analysis of Verbal Behavior. We use an individually centred approach to learning with the aim of increasing communication and independence through scientific analysis which enables all within our care to flourish. Once a student has taken up a place at Snowflake School their development is constantly monitored through daily data keeping, programmes, meetings and specialised assessment tools. This information will continually inform student’s learning plans and also provide clear scientific evidence of learning and progress.

Snowflake School recognises that parents play the most vital role in the education of their children. We understand the importance of positive and regular home /school communication. Parents are regularly consulted and asked for their comments with the aim of working together in a consistent and productive manner.

Snowflake was co-founded ten years ago by our Chair of Trustees Mrs. Faryaneh Akhavan. Her team of dedicated Trustees give us tremendous support and ensure that Snowflake is an “Outstanding School,” (Ofsted Inspection, 2016)

The success of Snowflake is dependent on our team of gifted professionals who work with skill, commitment and determination. We aspire to be a Learning Community that invests in the continuous development of staff because our effectiveness is fuelled by the quality of our team.

Snowflake will be outward looking, constantly seeking to engage with those who can add to our skills, knowledge and understanding.

Snowflake commits to supporting Parents and others in the wider community using the experience and expertise that has been built up over the past decade.

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Roy English - Headteacher

Ofsted Inspection 2019: Snowflake School is Outstanding

  • Pupils' achievement is outstanding as a result of excellent teaching
  • ..pupils make exceptional progress
  • Parents and carers are delighted with their children's progress
  • ..assessments are analysed enable pupils to progress at a fast rate
  • The curriculum is outstanding and has a highly positive impact on pupils' learning and achievement
  • ..staff provide an exceptionally high level of care.
  • The Leadership and management of the school are outstanding
  • The head teacher inspires all staff to strive for excellence to secure the highest levels of achievement for each pupil
  • Tutor leaders are extremely well trained...
  • ..the school builds strong relationships with parents and carers...
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Snowflake School - Improving the quality of family life

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Our guiding principles and aims

The first five principles are those which underpin the philosophy behind the successful 'Carbone Clinic' in New York. Snowflake School staff have all trained with Dr Vincent Carbone and his associates in order to apply these principles..

Learner's Potential

We believe every learner has the potential to develop skills beyond their current level and should be free of behaviours and activities that cause injury, pain or limit opportunities for full community involvement.

Functional Communication

We will teach functional communication skills and other skills that will lead to rewarding personal relationships, well-being, vocational productivity and self-determined daily activities.

Applied Behaviour

We rely on the literature of the science of applied behaviour analysis and its underlying assumptions to guide our analysis of learner needs and our recommendations of effective treatment and instruction.

Development of Skills

Functional communication is the foundation that supports the development of skills in all areas and therefore B.F. Skinner's analysis of verbal behaviour and the supporting empirical work guide our treatment and instructional recommendations.

Instructional Methods

The choice of instructional methods will be guided by reliable data which are gathered and analysed on a schedule sufficient to make informed decisions.

First Educators

We recognise that parents/carers are the child's first educators and that their expertise in their child is of paramount importance to us.

All-round Development

The link between home, school and external agencies are crucial to fully support the all-round development of the child.